About TAP

The Absolute Petite, or better known as TAP, is proud to be the first modest fashion label to cater primarily to petite ladies.

Being petite herself, M set out to find a better way for petites to shop. Her hope is not only to make shopping enjoyable and easy experience for petite ladies but to inspire petite ladies to own and to love their petiteness.

TAP started with the name By M&M, and their debut product was Basic Shawl, which was launched in early 2016. It was sold through social media platforms. The label was then rebranded to TAP and it continues to produce more products ranging from instant shawls, ladies' tops and etc. In order to facilitate better shopping experience for its customers, TAP launched their e-commerce storefront in May 2017.

The speciality about TAP products are that all their products are self-designed and are not mass-produced. This ensures exclusivity for the customers who buy their products. 

TAP is being thankful for all the supports received. The supports have surely motivated TAP to continue to reach for new heights.